Fame And Pancakes

December 14, 2008

I’m famous! The Washington Post newspaper interviewed me today. You can read the article online at:


Celebrity or not, today was my turn to cook pancakes. Sunday morning flapjacks are something of a tradition at Cape Crozier, and they carry an extra purpose here. Since we work every day, pancakes are our only motivation to keep track of days of the week. We don’t keep track very well, actually. Yesterday, there was a bit of an argument over what day it was, with estimates ranging from Wednesday to Saturday. We had to look it up (just to see if we could eat pancakes in the morning).

I wrangled an extra-wiggly penguin this afternoon to put a satellite tag on it. After I picked it up, the bird struggled the entire time Kirsten and I were attaching its transmitter, biting the heck out of my right armpit, and nearly subverting the process. In the end, we sent it solidly on its way, though.

A different penguin that we tagged yesterday returned from its feeding trip today, as expected, but minus its satellite transmitter. Whether it was ripped off by scraping against an iceberg or whether the bird managed to undo the tape itself we will never know, but each transmitter costs five thousand dollars, and now we only have four left. That was an expensive penguin!

Adelie Penguin In The Ice

Adelie Penguin In The Ice

Posted: December 14th, 2008
at 10:41pm by birdboy

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