Noah K. Strycker

5253 SW Rose Place
Corvallis OR 97333
(541) 206.7314

Avian research, photography, writing, and illustration.

Current Academic Standing: Senior, Oregon State University (GPA: 3.85)
Academic Major: Fisheries and Wildlife Science (minor in Fine Arts)
Expected Date of Graduation: June 2008
Highschool: South Eugene High School, class of 2003 (GPA: 4.0)

SAT Score: 1500

Awards, Scholarships, and Exhibitions
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, Barry M. Goldwater Foundation (2007)
Mentors Scholarship, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife (Mar 07)
Munson Leadership Award, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife (Mar 07)
Multnomah Anglers/Hunters Scholarship, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife (Mar 07)
Vivian Schriver Thompson Scholarship, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife (2006, 07)
Mike and Kay Brown Scholarship, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife (May 06)
E.R. Jackman Scholarship, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences (Apr 06)
Morris K. Udall Undergraduate Scholarship, Morris K. Udall Foundation (2006, 07)
Waldo-Cummings Outstanding Student Award, Oregon State University (May 05)
Cape May Bird Observatory, NJ Young Artists Show (May 05)
Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity award (Apr 05)
2004 Young Birder of the Year, American Birding Association (Mar 05)
Henry Mastin Memorial Scholarship, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife (Jan 05)
Oregon State University Presidential Scholarship (full academic, 2004-08)
#1 Player, Oregon State Men's Tennis Team (2004-07)
American Ornithologists' Union Student Scholarship (2004-07)
National Merit Scholar (2003)
Outstanding Senior Project, Int'l High School, South Eugene High School (2003)
Outstanding in All Subjects, Int'l High School, South Eugene High School (2001, 02)
Most Valuable Player, South Eugene High School Men's Tennis Team (2001-03)
University of Oregon Museum of Natural History Scientific Illustration (2001)
4-time Finisher, Portland Marathon (99, 00, 02, 03)

Experience (* current positions)

Jan-Mar 2007: Volunteer Surveyor, East Cascades Bird Conservancy Winter Raptor Survey Project; completed three surveys of wintering raptors near Corvallis in the Willamette Valley; drove preassigned routes and kept track of numbers of various raptor species.

Dec 2006-Jan 2007: full-time Field Researcher, Ivory-billed Woodpecker search project, Choctawhatchee River Basin, Florida; searched for Ivory-billed Woodpeckers from kayak and on foot, navigated with GPS, lived in remote field camp with up to 10 other volunteers/interns.

Jun-Aug 2006: full-time Field Researcher, Project Puffin, coastal Maine; observed, monitored, handled, banded, and resighted young Atlantic Puffins, various terns, and other seabirds on seven small islands off the Maine coast with field crew of 2-6 people; located nests, did watches from blinds, and gathered and entered data for the project; helped interpret to the public and enforce closed areas.

Apr-Jun 2006: Course Teaching Assistant, Systematics of Birds, Oregon State University; assisted professor with logistics of field trips and arranging study specimens in lab, helped students with coursework.

*Jan 2006-present: Associate Editor, Birding magazine; review and edit article manuscripts and rounds of page proofs, correspond with authors when necessary; work tightly with Editor;
also produce the "Birding Interview" with well-known birders inside each issue (Jan 2007-present).

Jun-Jul 2005: full-time Field Researcher, temperate bird life history research project, W. K. Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, Michigan; searched for and monitored approximately 500 songbird nests with field crew of 3 people in mixed/open woodland study site in southwest Michigan; weighed/measured chicks and eggs on set schedules, gathered and entered data for the project.

*Jan 2005-present: Columnist, known as "BirdBoy" in WildBird magazine; 1,000-word column in each issue (bimonthly) about personal birding adventures, usually appears near page 20 in magazine.

*Jan 2004-present: Field Notes Editor, Oregon Birds journal, southeast Oregon region; gather, edit, and condense notable bird sightings from each season into a written summary and dataset for print and web publication.

Mar-Jul 2004: full-time Field Researcher, tropical bird life history research project, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Gamboa field station, Panama; searched for and monitored approximately 700 tropical bird nests with field crew of 4 people (including 2 who spoke only Spanish) in primary and disturbed rainforest study sites in central Panama; weighed/measured chicks and eggs on set schedules, gathered and entered data for the project; part of a diverse group of researchers working on other projects at the same site.

Sept-Nov 2003: full-time Volunteer, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, eastern Oregon; helped with field work on the Refuge from counting Sandhill Cranes to mending barbed wire fences; used GPS to map well locations on the Refuge; staffed a small Visitor Center on weekends; illustrated a Great Blue Heron on nest for a new interpretive panel; entered a large dataset of waterfowl band recoveries; nominated the Refuge as an Important Bird Area; helped with special events; took care of an assigned work vehicle; lived alone in a remote area 30 miles from nearest town.

2002-2003: part-time and full-time (summers) Park Ranger, Willamette Valley Projects, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; monitored many wildlife species, ran spring bird point counts, published a checklist of the birds of Fern Ridge Reservoir, nominated Fern Ridge as an Important Bird Area, added Hills Creek Reservoir to the Oregon Cascades Birding Trail, banded young Purple Martins, shoveled gravel for a new campground, completed many varied assigned tasks.

May-Jul 2002: Field Monitor, Western Oregon Snag-nesting Purple Martin Monitoring Project; monitored a known Purple Martin colony in a snag in an overgrown clearcut southwest of Eugene throughout the breeding season.

*2001-present: Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Illustrator. Contribute articles, photographs, and illustrations to various publications, e.g. magazines (Birder's World, Birding, WildBird, Bird Watcher's Digest, Living Bird, Birds and Blooms, Oregon Coast), books (essay in Good Birders Don't Wear White, compiled by White 2007; illustrated Bird Coloration, Hill and McGraw 2006; illustrations in Guide to Birds of the Rogue Valley, Massey and Vroman 2003), and various government publications, reports, and calendars.


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Synergistic Activities
Active Member in: American Ornithologists' Union, Western Field Ornithologists, Oregon Field Ornithologists, American Birding Association, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Oregon State University Fisheries and Wildlife Club, Oregon State Tennis Team.

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