Gone Swimming

Most everyone takes Sundays off at Mornington, so today Sara and I went swimming with Di (in charge of the tourism program here) and Paul (the camp handyman). We piled into a truck with a canoe, paddles, and inflated tubes, and drove about 10 miles to a waterhole along the Fitzroy River.

The pickup truck was a piece of work: it had a missing headlight, no rearview mirror, a broken hood latch, broken spedometer, broken starter, no clutch, and no brakes. The last three (starter, clutch, and brakes) were temporarily fixed by handy Paul, and off we went rattling across the red, dusty roads.

The temperature here reached 41 C yesterday (105.8 F) and today was about the same. The forecast isn’t expected to vary within the predictable future. It’s hot out there!

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