The Perfect Forecast

As the sun sets today on Southeast Farallon Island, expectations are rising. The weather forecast looks nearly perfect for the next three days: light south winds, limited visibility, and patchy overcast. This is exactly what we’ve been hoping for. If it really happens, we’re set for a big migratory bird wave, the kind of spectacle that only happens once or twice per year here.

Today was pretty solid; we had a bunch of new arrivals last night, but nothing particularly rare. Today was the busiest banding day I’ve seen yet (highlights were 2 Clay-colored Sparrows, a Western Meadowlark, Say’s Phoebe, and an integrade flicker in the nets). But if the weather forecast is right, we might be completely deluged this week, literally kicking birds out of the way to walk down the path. Who knows? It’s hard to imagine a couple thousand songbirds grounded on this small island, but it might happen soon…

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