Three Expeditions to Antarctica

Just got back from a month and a half in Antarctica, and life is good! I traveled with One Ocean Expeditions as an on-board ornithologist for three cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula (from South America), and what an amazing season – it was good to see my penguin friends again. The first trip also visited the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, with their awe-inspiring albatross and penguin colonies. And I spent Christmas in the realm of Emperor Penguins (saw several on ice floes), with excellent company aboard and incredible scenes all around the ship. It’s a much different experience working on a cruise ship than sleeping in an unheated tent on the ice… Imagine, a shower and fresh food every day!

And now I am back to work on my latest book. If I’ve been quiet lately, it’s because I’ve either (1) been in Antarctica, or (2) been working on my book, neither of which leaves much time for anything else. My manuscript deadline is April 1st (really), after which I’ll have more news about the project. Meanwhile, I’m learning fascinating things about bird behavior. Did you know that magpies can recognize their own reflection in a mirror, but dogs and cats apparently can’t? Birds have more in common with us than we often realize.

Here’s a few snaps from Antarctica:

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