W RADIO (COLOMBIA): El Mayor Observador De Pájaros Del Mundo Estuvo De Paso Por Colombia

El ornitólogo de 28 años Noah Strycker habla de su misión de avistar más de 5.000 especies de aves este año alrededor del mundo.

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Is seeing 5,000 birds in a single year possible? American birder Noah Strycker thinks so. He set out at the beginning of this year to beat the current record. Chantal Cooke caught up with him in the Antarctic.

From the March 2015 print edition of Birdwatch Magazine.

VIA MAGAZINE: He Sings The Praises Of Western Birds

Oregon native Noah Strycker catapulted onto the national birding scene when he became Associate Editor of Birding magazine at just 22. His acclaimed second book, The Thing With Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds And What They Reveal About Being Human, is just out in paperback.

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ARGENTINA INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER: Bird-Binge: One Man’s Quest to Spot the Most Birds, Ever

Noah Strycker, world-renowned birdwatcher, rang in this new year overlooking the Southern Ocean, with a champagne bottle raised towards the biting Antarctic air. A pair of binoculars dangled around his neck. It was midnight and still completely light outside. The moment was perfect, despite one detail. No birds.

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