Heat of the Moment

Not that I’m obsessive about the heat, but here are a few benchmarks I’ve noticed lately: (1) Afternoon high temperatures are usually near 107 F (41.5 C) and don’t vary much between 105 and 108; (2) The other morning it was 84 F (28.5 C) when I got up at 4:30 a.m.; (3) When I headed out for a run day before yesterday, an hour before sunset, it felt nice and cool – until I realized it was “just” 95 F (35 C) – then the sweat really started dripping!

As we head into fall and winter here, things should settle down a bit. Out of curiosity I looked up climate data for Fitzroy Crossing, which is about 90 kilometers from here; average highs in June and July (the coldest months) were closer to 90 F (31 C). Sounds lovely; can’t wait!

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