Rain, Rain, Everywhere

Everywhere but here, that is. Thunderstorms have roamed around the Kimberley for the last four days, sending humidity soaring and giving us some interesting sunsets, but every single one has missed us so far. An Aboriginal community two hours north of us got more than four inches (110 mL) of rain overnight while we had zilch. We need some precip!

Not that the rivers aren’t flowing. Since it rained upstream, I was a bit startled to see the Adcock River raging yesterday morning, fifty feet wide, muddy, frothing, with large logs and other debris floating down, where I’d merely stepped across the previous afternoon without getting my toes wet. Lucky for us, Paul was able to get the truck across all the stream crossings yesterday on the tail end of a 2-day resupply trip, so, once again, I have all kinds of fresh food (30 bananas! 9 liters of milk! 3 kilograms of apples!). Life is good; it could just use a bit of rain.

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