Dingo and Dead Wallaby

This morning I collected the three remote, motion-activated cameras we set up at a dead wallaby carcass two days ago, and hit paydirt! We caught a wild Dingo in the act of scavenging some of the rotting meat. This is a snippet from the low-res video.

Dingoes are Australia’s version of coyotes. They’ve only been here about 10,000 years and are basically just wild, brownish-colored dogs; they’re one of the top predators at Mornington Station (along with crocs). I heard some Dingoes howling near camp the other night, and have seen tracks everywhere, and Sara has seen two in the last week, but I have yet to properly set eyes on one. Soon enough! Meanwhile, it’s fun to watch our camera-trap video. You can see the two other remote cameras on the right side of the frame (neither one caught much of interest, so it’s good we set up three).


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