Eating And Sitting

Sunday, and a reprieve from the end of a tough week. So what do we do? Sit around and eat all day!

I’m stuffed. This morning I slept in, then wandered up to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. Then came the pancakes, egg frittata, and sticky rolls (the Aussies call them “scrolls”). After that, regular food was dispensed with entirely and I spent the rest of the day pigging out on chocolate, trifle, and other desserts. For dinner, another bowl of cereal. The farthest I walked today was a short amble from my bed to the kitchen and back – hardly a strain!

But it was well-deserved, since Jen and I ran a dusty half marathon yesterday afternoon (for the heck of it). And, speaking of Jen, she’s out of here tomorrow, on a plane back to the U.S. after five months working on a Crimson Finch project. Roughly half of Mornington’s staff will be turning over in May, so we’re getting ready for a new crowd around here. So, to kick things off, according to specific request from her mother, I hereby post all my best Jen photos – retribution for a soon-to-be-lacking communal dinner cook. Take that!

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  1. Julie Bruce
    Julie Bruce says:

    Noah! you are awesome! Please make sure you stop in an see us in SO Oregon if you are ever out this way. Not as exciting as Austrialia but we are the the Pacific Flyway, next to some awesome refuges and we’d love to show you our birds. Good luck on the fairie wren!

  2. Jennifer Bruce
    Jennifer Bruce says:

    Moooooom! Noah! You two! Did you HAVE to put up NINE pics of me?! Well thanks for humoring my mother Noah, and know that I’ll get you back someday (though the roadrunner pic is fun). Hope all is well in the outback and that those tourists are keeping you on your toes!

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