It’s A Bird, A Plane, The Sun?

It rained continuously and aggressively for seven days; Ed and I have been going stir-crazy indoors this week. We slogged through pages of data that a previous bander (ahem) didn’t enter, made hummingbird bands, and sat around generally complaining about the weather. Last evening we decided to watch Invictus on my laptop, but had to pause the movie when it started raining so hard we couldn’t hear anything even with the speaker maxed out.

Finally, after 15-20 inches (?) of rain since Christmas, the sun made an appearance this morning!!! Hallelujah! Heaven be praised! We can open our mist nets again! Life will go on! For the first time in several days, we can go out without an umbrella (lucky, since mine broke). Life is looking pretty good around here.

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