Red-capped Manakin

The rain let up enough for us to band a full six hours this morning, and we were rewarded with this awesome male Red-capped Manakin – almost the last bird of 2010. (The very last bird we banded today, if you’re curious, was a Kentucky Warbler.)

This is going to sound very nerdy, but Ed and I are excited that every bird in the entire world will have a birthday tonight. Officially, “hatch year” birds will become “second year” birds on January 1. (Since you’re never sure exactly when they hatched, we age birds by the calendar instead.) More to the point, though, it’s already 2011 in some parts of the world; to all, a Happy New Year, and Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

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  1. Judy Kappeler
    Judy Kappeler says:

    Hi Noah,

    What you term “nerdy” I say is enthusiasm! That’s one of the many things I loved about you back when you were in my fifith grade class. Your dad posted the account of you stepping on the bullet ant today (1/16/11) Ouch. Often when I think of all the adventures you are having I feel wistful and regretful that my life is not as adventurous as it could be. That account brought me back to reality.

    I am so happy that you found your passion, and that I had a small part in that. I love birds and am glad you do too, and am grateful you are doing so much to help them.


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