White-collared Manakin

Since it was a Red-capped Manakin last time, it’s only fair that the White-collared Manakin gets a turn. Male White-collareds are gorgeous – black, white, and yellow. Actually, White-collared Manakin is by far the most common bird we catch, accounting for about a third of all birds banded at Tortuguero, so no big deal. But almost all of them are young males or females, which are green all over, nothing like an adult male; this was only the 2nd White-collared we’ve had in full male plumage. Nice!

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  1. Denise
    Denise says:

    What a beautiful little bird! Manakins are a favorite of mine. No rain lately?? You certainly go to places with extreme weather! Have you seen any news about the massive flooding in Queensland, AU?

    Happy Birding in 2011!

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