Wind And Snowdrifts


40 mph winds had me wide awake at 3am this morning, and by dawn had scattered my stuff all over my campsite – even my pack had been blown 30 feet from where I set it down. Tonight is no different; if anything, the wind is even stronger!

I spent the day hauling myself over the flank of Mount San Jacinto, at one point over 9000 feet, with a side trip down to the small town of Idyllwild to get some more food. Lots of small snowdrifts up there, but nothing scary. Overall 21.1 miles today (but only 15 of them on the PCT). Tomorrow I’ll drop more than 6000 feet back to the desert; my knees can’t wait!

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  1. Zenobia
    Zenobia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photo and no hint of extreme weather conditions. What a rude awakening. I’ve located a really good web site for the PCT so I can keep track of your progress – just need a wave from you now and then

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