Lost and Found


This morning I ordered “The Mess” at a trendy breakfast cafe in Big Bear City – which turned out to be a heaping plate of eggs, hash browns, meaty stuff, veggies, and just about everything else a hungry hiker could ever wish for.

Then Brian and I managed to hitch a ride to the post office, where we retrieved resupply packages and had our photos taken for a big PCT board on the wall, and finally headed back to the trail, putting in 13 miles despite a 12:30 start and full stomachs. Best of all, though, we ran into Adam, who I camped with three nights last week. He had discovered my lost umbrella near Mt. San Jacinto and handed it over, saying “I’m glad I finally caught you. I’ve been carrying this thing for the last three days!”

Tonight I’m camped with Brian and two other hikers, Toby and Natalie, on a ridge overlooking Big Bear Lake. It’s about 33 degrees, but nice to have some company up here.

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  1. Zenobia
    Zenobia says:

    Wow! Things just keep getting better and better. Who would believe that your umbrella would catch up to you? Especially since you were off trail for a few hours. You could have passed each other unknowingly, like Evangeline. I hope you won’t need your umbrella for rain, but it will be nice for the sunshine.

  2. Jeanbb
    Jeanbb says:

    33 degrees, huh? I bet it seems like the tropics compared to Antarctica! Well, at least you have your umbrella back…small world!

  3. Max
    Max says:

    Hey Noah,
    There’s a Hairy Woodpecker pair feeding young in a hole … it’s on the right side of the trail as the rail skirts a slope on the right just after you leave Grassy Hollow picnic tables.

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