20 Days, 400+ Miles


Day 20, and pleased to report that I am healthy and happy. So far, I’ve walked 419 miles with no days off; my longest day has been 27.4 and my shortest 12.9, averaging about 21 miles per day.

I’m grateful to have escaped injury so far, as already three different hikers I’ve met have quit the trail in disappointment. I haven’t been sick, taken a single Ibuprofen, or even set an alarm to wake up. The weather has been almost perfect. If every day could be like today, a smooth 21 miles through interesting terrain, this would almost be too easy!

In two weeks, though, I’ll hit the high Sierras, and early reports are suggesting an incredible amount of snow there. Anyway, that’s still 300 miles away…

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  1. John Sullivan
    John Sullivan says:

    Wow! 400 miles in 20 days without a single ibuprofen, now that’s really impressive! Best wishes for continued smooth sailin’!

  2. John Sullivan
    John Sullivan says:

    John and I sometimes refer to ibuprofen as “vitamin I”; glad you haven’t been in need of any yet.

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