I put in a solid 11×10 (11 miles by 10 am) in the cool morning hours, then spent the rest of the day meandering along an oak-lined ridge in the Angeles National Forest, for a total of 25.3 miles today.

Just before midday I hit the 500-mile mark, spelled out in rocks on the side of the trail. Someone has taken the time to arrange similar “milestones” every 100 miles so far, so I look forward to every hundred completed. Half a thousand miles already! That’s farther, for instance, than the whole length of Oregon, but still less than a third of California…

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  1. Zenobia
    Zenobia says:

    Those milestones (literally mile ‘stones’, eh?) are really a nice photo op, and I can just imagine how heartening it is to tick them off as you go. Seems to me that you are moving pretty fast. Of course that’s from the ease of my comfortable computer station.

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