Agua Dulce


Today was punctuated by an unusual number of different and interesting landmarks, making 21.4 miles go fast. First I crossed under I-14 via a long, mine-shaft-like tunnel; then passed through Vasquez Rocks; and finally walked through Agua Dulce, a tiny town full of interesting distractions including a large sign advertising a “Lost Monkey.”

I’m back in the desert foothills, with temperatures in the low 80s this week. It’s fun to see some birds I don’t often encounter; today’s list included Phainopepla, Rufous-crowned Sparrow, California Thrasher, Costa’s Hummingbird, and Nuttall’s Woodpecker. Sure ain’t in Oregon yet!

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:


    This is your elementary school O’Hara classmate Matt Wibbenmeyer. I found your blog the other day as I was looking at 2011 PCT blogs as part of my research for a potential 2012 attempt. It’s been fun to see your progress so far and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the rest of your trip goes–especially through the Sierras! Good luck!


  2. Patricia Keene
    Patricia Keene says:

    Hi Noah,

    Checking in every couple of days of so. I wonder if you might be thinking of writing a book about your current trek?? I know you are keeping a detailed journal. Are you taking pictures as well? I’m going to purchase your book on penguins and can barely wait for it to arrive!

    Sending blessings to you for a safe and fulfilling journey,


  3. Zenobia
    Zenobia says:

    You know, most of us have to wait for the weather to change if we don’t like what we are getting. But you have figured out a better system: Too hot? Too cold? Keep walking. Too windy? Walk some more. Too much snow? Walk to lower elevation. Love it!

  4. Alan Contreras
    Alan Contreras says:

    The latest OSU Press catalog arrived and the cover is penguins ! Quite glorious.

    You’d better have your mom drop off skis if you want to get through the Sierras. If they are anything like Oregon’s mountains, more snow than in decades. Steens has so much snow still to come down that they expect the lake to reach 1989 levels, with Hwy 205 a causeway again and the lake stopping just below the HQ lawn.

    Enjoy your updates.

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