Summer In The Mountains



It’s definitely summer. Even camped at 11,000 feet last night, the temperature didn’t drop below freezing, and I spent today in the high country hiking in a T-shirt. Despite recent reports of nearly impassable snowdrifts, the trail was clear and easy to follow for 16 miles to Crabtree Meadow, and I’m perfectly positioned – along with 13 other PCT hikers – to summit Mount Whitney tomorrow morning.

The high Sierras are incredibly beautiful. I’ll stay above 10,000 feet for the next few days as the trail skirts some of the most scenic vistas on this continent, weaving among awe-inspiring peaks. This begins the most dramatic section of this whole adventure, and I’m loving every minute of it!

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  1. Del " Steelaway" Granlund, Pittsburgh,Pa
    Del " Steelaway" Granlund, Pittsburgh,Pa says:

    Noah, Great job recording your trip!! At age 75, I look back on my 07 completion of the trail following a ten year segment hiking effort. Your journal with pictures lets me relive my solo adventure!
    I applaud your NOBO out of Kennedy with all the dire snow pack predictions. Now, bring on Forester Pass!!
    I do worry about your stream crossing with all the snow melt. Be safe!


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