Echo Lake


This morning kicked off with five miles of heavy, continuous snowpack inside dense forest – ugh. But then Honeybuzz, Annie and I dropped down to cross busy Highway 50, twelve miles west of South Lake Tahoe (where, apparently, a celebrity golf tournament this weekend is featuring Michael Jordon among others), and walked into the Echo Lake Resort.

Echo Lake marks the end of the high Sierras, though you wouldn’t know it from all the snow everywhere this year. Still, I’m beginning to hit long stretches of dry trail, and it can’t come soon enough; if I want to make it to Canada in September, 15-mile days just won’t cut it anymore. Today I pushed 21 miles despite a four-hour break at the Echo Lake store to resupply and drink milkshakes – and I’m camped tonight well inside the Desolation Wilderness, with snow drifts and pine trees as my closest company.

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  1. Barbara Gleason
    Barbara Gleason says:

    Desolation Wilderness: I remember it well… especially the interestingly twisted trees. Was there for my birthday and indeed, it snowed on us. Saw my first ever Wilson’s Warbler there, going to and from its nest about 1 foot from the trail up from Fallen Leaf resort where I was staying in friends’ cabin.
    We’re following your tales and sending you wishes for good energy and great weather!
    Barb & Dan G

  2. Heather Kranz
    Heather Kranz says:

    Hey Noah, we wanted to thank you for your trail updates. We plan on hiking the high sierras starting august 1st. If it wasnt for you, we would be terribly under prepared. I am so amazed at your fortitude and inner strength! My husband and I wish you the best and hope you make it through safely. We are thinking of you!

  3. Craig Jones
    Craig Jones says:

    Continued safe travels, Noah. One query as to why you say Echo Lake marks the end of the Sierra’s. You’ve got many miles of Sierra Nevada still in front of you … Squaw Valley, Tinker’s Knob, Mt. Lincoln, Donner Lake, then the beautiful lake basin on the North side of Hwy 80. You are likely to have a couple of big stream crossings ahead in the next day or two. Take it easy…

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