Two Months



Today marks exactly two months on the trail, during which I’ve walked every day except for one day off. Though I haven’t quite hit the halfway point yet, I’m hoping to be finished in another two months with bigger mileage ahead.

This morning I walked with Balls and Sunshine for a while before we met Wired in the Granite Chief Wilderness, looking a bit stressed since her GPS had run out of batteries. The four of us continued on to Donner Pass (like, the actual area where the Donner Party ate each other), then I headed north alone while the rest hitchhiked in to Truckee. Lots of heavy, frustrating snowpack today, but I still managed to squeeze in 27 miles with a few stretches of dry trail to give me hope. Onward!

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  1. Zenobia
    Zenobia says:

    Returning from a birding trip to south Central Oregon, my friend Nancy and I noted the sign to the Pacific Coast Trail as we crossed the Cascades near Sisters. We briefly discussed the idea of going to wait for you to pass, but decided against it. Just thought you should know that you are a part of our daily lives.

  2. Pam Otley
    Pam Otley says:

    Hi Noah! I have been greatly enjoying your blog, having found out about it on OBOL. A couple of weeks ago, I looked for other PCT blogs and found Erin’s (Wired). I realized she was a bit ahead of you on the trail…and now here she is!! I had also been reading about Balls and the amazing Sunshine. its very cool to be virtually sharing this journey with all of you, in a couch surfing sort of way. Happy, safe hiking!

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