Down, Down, Down


From my wilderness camp near Marble Mountain, I cruised 26.6 miles to Seiad Valley this morning, arriving there at 3:30 p.m. The last 20 miles were literally all downhill, dropping a quad-quivering 6,500 feet from snowdrifts on bare mountain slopes to 95-degree heat on the valley floor; it was the biggest single elevation change I’ve yet encountered on the trail. Looks like I’ll pay for it in the morning with a 5,000-foot climb over the next ten miles, but that’s for tomorrow…

My mom met me after her own adventure with a flat tire and front brake replacement (1,600 bucks’ worth), and we’re staying in a nice cabin tonight; I just polished off two pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream before dinner. This will be the last civilization I see before hitting Ashland, across the Oregon border; just 1,000 miles left before Canada – really flyin’ now!

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  1. Zenobia
    Zenobia says:

    Here I am sitting at home in relative comfort, walking only a few blocks here and there, and getting more than adequate sleep. So why do I find myself craving ice cream? hamburgers? and more?

    You make this trek so real, with only a few lines each day added to your photos. Thank you!

  2. AnonyMoose
    AnonyMoose says:

    They say the only Cure for “The Fever” is 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s or whatever your Largest Eye is attracted to. Judging by the photo, I hope it wasn’t too late!

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