Willamette Pass



At 1,914 miles from the Mexican border, I reached Highway 58 at Willamette Pass today. This is especially notable for me because it’s the closest point on the PCT to my house, just a 40-minute drive west of here; so, in a way, I feel like I’m home. My mom met me at the pass with food, chairs, and a set-up camp.

I climbed past Diamond Peak this morning, through an area of snowdrifts, before walking a while with Billy Goat. At 72 years old, having hiked about 45,000 miles since retirement (including 20,000 on the PCT), that guy contains a wealth of wisdom on living simply; he carries a 10-pound pack, not including any electronics, and urges younger hikers to walk with the trail – not against it. Advice well taken, I hope.

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  1. Candace
    Candace says:

    It helps, I think, to have a great support system. So many of you thru-hikers that have made it to Oregon seem to have very supportive family & friends. Good job on your hiking so many miles and congrats on having such a terrific family!

  2. Judy J
    Judy J says:

    I haven’t been in the Diamond Basin since the early 90’s – it is strikingly beautiful place, but when I was there it was so full of mosquitoes, I just kept moseying through.

  3. Doug from Ebbett's Pass
    Doug from Ebbett's Pass says:

    Noah, we met at Ebbett’s Pass. I hiked Section R with my brother, and I wondered if you would be along that section at that time. Missed you by three days at the Oregon border. Hope your knee is mending well.


  4. Dan Maxwell
    Dan Maxwell says:

    NOAH! We are back on the Island and are missing you dearly. Fix your knee, and keep it real. -Dan, Jim, Matt, SEFI.

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