“The Thing With Feathers” is finally out!

The Thing With Feathers

My new book “The Thing With Feathers” is out from Riverhead Books in New York. It’s a collection of essays looking at the many surprising ways that birds and people are similar to each other. And it’s already gotten a great review in the Wall Street Journal, which said:

He thinks like a biologist but writes like a poet, and one of the small pleasures of “The Thing With Feathers” is watching him distill empirical research into lyrical imagery.

You can read the whole review here, though a sign-on may be required. And you can buy the book on Amazon here.

I’m spending this spring traveling around the country to promote my book. Then in July, I get back aboard the Akademik Ioffe for a series of polar cruises around the Svalbard Archipelago of Norway. Polar bears!


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  1. Jim & Pat Fleming
    Jim & Pat Fleming says:

    Thanks for the notification about your new book. We are enjoying reading it. We especially like that it is written in easy to read layman terms.

  2. Maylian
    Maylian says:

    This is very exciting – congratulations! I hope to catch one of your Eugene-based talks.

  3. Martha Gould
    Martha Gould says:

    Hi. I have just read your book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was particularly intrigued that you like vultures so much – I saw many in Virginia in March and wonder where they went for the winter. I also want to mention that on the large lake which I live near in Canada, mergansers often leave many chicks in the care of one or two older birds, and it is great to see a creche of babies running along and diving under the water with a nanny watching.
    In lovely prose, you convey your great enthusiasm for birds – thanks very much. I look forward to your next book! Martha G

  4. Carol Rushmore
    Carol Rushmore says:

    Your presentations based on BOTH books were wonderful at our Stikine River Birding Festival last week. Thank you for coming and participating with us!! I have just started reading The Thing With Feathers and so far very enjoyable! Thanks Noah.

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