One Awesome Puddle

This morning, while tracking Fairy-Wrens, I noticed a lot of activity around a small, shallow puddle in the gravel along Annie Creek. So, I took out my camera, sat still for five minutes, and photographed the action.

Within seconds, birds were all around me. In such dry conditions, water is a precious commodity around here, and this particular puddle was perfectly shaped, with a long, gradual ramp of gravel where the birds could wade and drink. In just a few minutes, I watched Peaceful, Bar-shouldered, and Diamond Doves; Brown, Rufous-throated, Yellow-tinted, Black-chinned, White-throated, and White-gaped Honeyeaters; a Sacred Kingfisher; and Crimson, Long-tailed, Double-barred, and Gouldian Finches, all vying for a spot next to the water, not paying much attention to my presence. I was more than happy to snap this photo of five Long-tailed Finches, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, with perfect reflections!

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  1. Dan H
    Dan H says:

    Ahem! Gouldian Finch photos please! Not that I don’t appreciate the stunning Long-tailed Finches. Great photo.

  2. Noah Strycker
    Noah Strycker says:

    Hey Dan – Ha, well, wait for it… got an OK shot of a female today but hoping for a better angle on a male. Soon, I hope!

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