Agile Wallabies

Agile Wallabies are the most common kangaroo-like animal around Mornington. There aren’t any actual kangaroos here (no kidding), but these guys are close enough. They hop. Put their babies in pouches. That kind of thing.

We also have Euros, sometimes called Wallaroos (a cross between a kangaroo and a wallaby?), and Rock Wallabies with long tails which hop around cliff faces like springy mountain goats.

The trouble with all these big marsupials is they’re so shy. Aside from grazing on the watered, mowed grass near the restaurant, wallabies generally hop away in a furry blur before you can get a bead on them. So I was happy this morning to catch a pair of Agile Wallabies in a pensive mood, at least long enough to get a quick photo. After some keen looks of suspicion and curiosity, they bounded away to join their mates in greener pastures.

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