Changing Seasons

I couldn’t believe what I was doing this morning as, inside my tent, I dug around in pre-dawn darkness to find a warm sweater, and actually put it on! Gone are the hot, sweaty nights in front of a blasting fan. This morning the temperature reached 12.1 C (54 F). Downright cold, if you ask anyone around here.

It’s nice to have a break from the heat. Afternoons are barely reaching 37 C now (100 F), quite enjoyable compared to constant 42 C (108 F) of a couple months ago. Funny how relative things are.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went for a bit of a wander from camp, trying to find a set of wetlands to see what birds might be around. The wetlands were almost dried up and I ended up walking 27 kilometers (17 miles) in transit. However, I did see two new birds: Fairy Martin and Gray-fronted Honeyeater – so the hike was well worth it! After more than two months here, it’s getting tough for me to find new birds…

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