Mulga Underfoot

Apologies for the dearth of updates this week. We’re still in a cloudy, sticky, humid weather pattern (more rain forecast through this weekend), and our internet has been quite unreliable – crikey!

Anyway things are going good at Mornington Station. I was out for an evening run day before yesterday and, while hurtling down the dirt track, heard a slithering noise just behind me. Looked over my shoulder just in time to see a very angry, meter-long Mulga snake zipping toward the grass, head raised in agitation – I’d missed stomping its tail by mere inches. That’s the one that, if it bites you, gives you about five hours to live – and I was miles from the station. Got the adrenaline going a bit! Tegan very nearly stepped on one yesterday while wearing flip flops, so I’m not the only one taunting snakes around here.

A group of 60 tourists with a charity group called the Variety Club arrived yesterday to be wined, dined, and accommodated in safari tents. It’s a lot to put up with for the hospitality staff (all hands on deck kind of thing), but the group’s total bill for one night’s stay was $11,000 – a nice big check for the Wildlife Conservancy! (Not to mention the $2,000+ the group apparently spent at the bar alone, or the additional $12,000 shelled out at a charity auction after dinner.) Meanwhile, tourists are wandering around Mornington Station like zombies on patrol as we head into peak season here. Interesting to have a bit of extra company during my field work.

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  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Noahhhhhh!!! Estoy feliz! tengo mi puntaje del TOEFL!!! no lo puedo creer! te dejé un mensaje en el facebook, pero creo que tu blog lo ves antes. Gracias por todo tu apoyo y ayuda amigo. Enjoy your company!

  2. Linda
    Linda says:

    Relieved to see your comment, Noah.. I was beginning to worry you’d been devoured by a croc, or killed by a mulga snake. Glad you’re still alive and well. I’m finding it difficult to understand *why* tourists come to Mornington Station and pay beaucoup bucks to do… what? Not band fairy wrens…

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