Magnificent Tree Frog

We found this mother-of-all-frogs one Sunday at a place called Bluff Pools, a permanent catchment set between massive limestone walls. It was near a Mulga Snake which seemed to be intent on hunting smaller frogs. The amphibian seemed less apt to kill me, so I stuck my camera in its face.

The frog didn’t mind a bit of wildlife paparazzi, and even smiled a bit for the photo op. It was big enough to cover the entire palm of my hand, with floppy padded feet sprawling over the sides of my wrist. James said it was a Magnificent Tree Frog (but the latin name is something to do with “splendid”). Anyway it seemed magnificent enough, pretty much the coolest frog ever, actually. I’m just glad Jess wasn’t there – the only person on station with an aversion to hoppy wet things. Don’t know how she survives with all the wriggly things in our outdoor toilets.

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  1. Tom Mickel
    Tom Mickel says:

    Does this mean that all things “high tech” are working again? Let’s hope so. And, happy shortest day of the year!

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