19 days to go…


Just 19 days until I start hiking for real. I dreamed the other night that a Bengal Tiger was terrorizing hikers in southern California, while my mom apparently dreamed that I had shrunk to two inches tall and was drowning in a bowl of water. Sure hope neither of those happen this summer, makes a late-season blizzard seem trivial by comparison!

As departure approaches, I continue to buy more gear and hike local trails to get in shape. This week I circumnavigated Fern Ridge Reservoir on foot (22 miles), “yoyo’d” Eugene’s Ridgeline Trail the next day (17.5 miles), and continued to get out every morning with my pack. Gotta toughen up… I think my butt muscles are getting bigger.

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  1. Granola Girl
    Granola Girl says:

    The PCT is incredible. GOOD LUCK! I did it with my father and brother when I was about 12. My son is planning on going with his father and I next summer. It is a crazy good time. Just remember to not take yourself too seriously :)

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