Ready, set… GO!


I’m sitting in a San Diego Best Western hotel after driving more than a thousand miles with my dad, who is delivering me to the southern end of the Pacific Crest Trail first thing tomorrow morning. We toured L.A. yesterday on our way down from Oregon, and it was odd to spend the afternoon among mansions and Ferraris in Beverly Hills while anticipating four months alone in my tent. But I wouldn’t trade offices for anything!

So, tomorrow it begins: a 2,650-mile trail stretches north into the relative unknown. I hope it at least kicks off with nice weather; today was unseasonably rainy and cold for southern California, with snow in some areas I hope to traverse in about a week. But, for better or worse, I take the very first step in just a few hours, and, after almost a year of planning, I’m ready for it.

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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    Good luck man! Look forward to hopefully hearing about the whole experience over a beer when you get done. It’s been too long!

  2. John Sullivan
    John Sullivan says:

    Happy Trails, Noah! Maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere along the route. Have a great trek!

  3. Denise Hamilton
    Denise Hamilton says:

    Godspeed and may your feet remain blister free! Hoping you get the chance to update us all once in a while.

  4. Karl Fairchild
    Karl Fairchild says:

    We should meet up while you’re in my neck of the woods! Don’t get deported for sporting that big backpack!

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