Glen Pass


This week, the mantra is “a pass a day,” and today’s climb was called Glen Pass. Although not quite as high or steep as yesterday’s effort, Glen definitely took a lot of hard work. The trail was buried in snow for most of the day, and traction spikes and ice axe once again came into play on the precipitous high traverses.

I hit a low point late this afternoon after two creek crossings (one slow, waist deep, and a fast knee-deep torrent that I crossed by interlocking arms with four other hikers). I was soaking wet from the waist down, clouds were rolling in, it was beginning to snow, and I got cold. Hustling down a valley toward tonight’s camp, I somehow left behind my beloved Leica binoculars, and didn’t discover them missing until at least four miles later, by which time it was too late to turn around. So, tomorrow morning I’m getting up early to run back to where I think I left them. It’s gonna be a very worried night’s sleep…

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    I remember the pucker factor when I crossed Glen Pass late last Summer. Looking at your pic looking down on the tarn with all that snow just makes me feel squeemish. I’m going to go home and run with my pack on tonight as punishment. Keep up to good work!

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