After 12 consecutive 20+ mile days, Tehachapi sucked me into the vortex known as Best Western, so, instead of sleeping in my tent 20 miles up the trail tonight, I’m watching Valentine’s Day on TV and lounging on a crisp set of sheets while eating fresh strawberries.

It wasn’t a total loss; my mom helped me slackpack an eight-mile section through a wind farm this morning, which took about three hours, qualifying today as a “nero” (the hiker term for “nearly zero”). Then it was all about enjoying civilization; we even went to a movie! The only film showing in Tehachapi this afternoon was Kung Fu Panda 2, and the theater was jammed with little kids, but it was dark, cool, and full of popcorn – awesome. Tomorrow, back to the trail with fresh legs.

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  1. Don Bishoff
    Don Bishoff says:

    Hi Noah,

    Enjoying your blog. And just finished “Among Penguins,” which I really enjoyed. Keep on steppin’!


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