After a long, grinding uphill out of the Mojave desert, I spent the afternoon traversing along a shadeless ridge until it dipped toward Tehachapi in a valley full of hundreds of giant windmills. The turbines sprouted from bare hilltops like a forest of enchanted trees – quite a spectacle after endless miles of desert.

Today was my second marathon-distance day of the trip, at 26.4 miles, and maybe the hottest day so far without much shelter besides my reflective umbrella. Only a few more days before I’m done with the desert for good…

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  1. pete
    pete says:

    OK, I’ll be jealous when you get into the Sierras but not the high desert. Ha!
    Hey , are you hitting any trailheads for supplies in OR where my family can meet you and hike a mile and treat you to lots of food?

  2. Erik
    Erik says:

    Awesome, dude! I’m really enjoying reading about your latest adventure.

    I’ve got a lot of family in Tehachapi, very cool to see that you went through there.

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