Burney Falls




Definitely the hottest day I have had so far. I’m currently lying inside my tent stripped to my skivvies with the sleeping bag thrown to one side, and, even after dark, I’m still sweating.

Honeybuzz and I hiked 27 miles through the heat today, beginning up on the Hat Creek Rim and finishing just past Burney Falls State Park, where I picked up a resupply package and snacked on two hot dogs, an ice cream taco, and a quart of milk. Lots of rough lava rocks really beat up our feet this afternoon – hoping for softer, more pine-needly tread tomorrow.

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  1. Bob welch
    Bob welch says:

    I’ve long admired your PTC pursuit, never more than now as I try the Oregon portion. Lots of snow. (see
    My blog at bobwelch.net). Hiked with Acorn, lanky guy about my age who said he met you at (I think) Lorn Pass. Keep going. You’re doing great! Welch

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