Forgive me if I talk too much about food, but it’s been on my mind a lot! I never can seem to eat enough on the trail, so today’s dinner was something special.

After an easy, 22-mile day I arrived at Drakesbad Guest Ranch – a hot springs and resort within Lassen National Park – just 15 minutes before dinnertime. The resort takes extremely good care of hikers: we’re offered free showers, free laundry, free access to the hot springs, free camping, and a 50% discount on all meals. I barely had time to set down my pack before they fired up an enormous barbecue and buffet line.

Within minutes I packed in a large steak, a double cheeseburger, a bratwurst hot dog, salad, two slices of watermelon, an ear of corn, three scoops of coleslaw, four slices of cheese, three white chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, and a Dr. Pepper, while other guests watched in appreciation. A quick dip in the hot spring pool helped digest, and I’m ready for breakfast in the morning…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    There are probably a lot of folks out there reading your blog that wish they could eat like that and still lose weight! But then again, how many of us could eat that much at one setting?? Instead of your motto being, “Bird ON!” you could now use “EAT ON!”

  2. Nikki Nickell [raennshadow]
    Nikki Nickell [raennshadow] says:

    FEED ME! Seems to be a common thread for all you PCT htru hikers. One said when not eating they are constantly thinking about food. So you are in good company. Keep at it; I say all of you are doing what I dreamed of doing for so long [since 1953 when I climbed Mt. Whitnety] and I am enjoying being on your shoulders. That includes my grandson, Top Shef! He is now past the halfway mark..with no skips or flips!

  3. AnonyMoose
    AnonyMoose says:

    I Totaly understand the food thing, and can appreciate where you are coming from. I actually enjoy hearing about those meals, and what you are thinking about along the way (So, keep it up).
    Also, that ranch sounds like a great bunch of folks, but I bet that they aren’t hurting a bit. 50% of the $$$ for those Noah Sized meals could send a kid to college. :)

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