Halfway There!


At six p.m. Honeybuzz and I reached a small concrete post at a random spot in the forest. On the south side, it said: “Mexico: 1,325 Miles.” On the north side, it said: “Canada: 1,325 Miles.” Nice!

For the first time, I’m sleeping closer to the end than the beginning of this trail. Otherwise, the day wasn’t particularly noteworthy, although I did add Pileated Woodpecker to my trip list (I also notched a Pine Grosbeak and Black-backed Woodpecker this week); I hiked 27.4 miles today, mostly along forested ridges, grateful for some easy trail.

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  1. Diane Strycker
    Diane Strycker says:

    Congratulations. You have caught up with the April starters and seem to be in the mix. It looks like you are going to make it. I know you can do it and I am certain that all your readers will agree with me. Good to hear you talking about birds. You are more yourself.

  2. TrailNell
    TrailNell says:

    Hi Noah, I am enjoying your posts, and I wonder if you could help me out with some info. I have some property that is just west of the trail about halfway between Belden and Chester. My husband and I were up there recently in a trackster, but still battling the snow on and off at 6100′. I was wondering if you could describe the snow situation on the trail in that area? My sister and our two boys want to hike it before school starts up again, but we’d like to avoid sleeping and walking in snowy cold conditions.

  3. Margie Paris
    Margie Paris says:

    Congratulations on passing the half-way point! A number of us in the Eugene birding community are reading all of your delightful posts, Noah. I hope for easy hikes but interesting sites (and sights) in this second half of your remarkable journey.

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