North From Sonora Pass



It was hard to escape Bridgeport this morning. After mailing my bear canister home at the post office, buying a few groceries, and eating a giant avocado burger for breakfast, it was time to hit the road. Five of us lined up at the edge of town to hitchhike back to the trail at Sonora Pass, and eventually got a ride with two funny ladies in a Suburban who insisted on taking us to a thrift shop in nearby Walker (where Boots purchased a much-needed set of pants, since his crotch has been ripped and he wears no underwear) and bought us Gatorade, before dropping us at the trailhead.

So, I didn’t get hiking until 4:15 pm, and put in a short six miles before camping with half a dozen other PCTers. This next section, 76 miles to Echo Lake (by South Lake Tahoe), should be easier than the last, but I’m still expecting about 60% of the trail to be covered in snow. Just gotta take it one day at a time…

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  1. AnonyMoose
    AnonyMoose says:

    Great to hear of your continued persistance (despite the temptations of civilization and the occasional shorterm kidnapping). On the other hand, I’m disapointed in the lack of pictures and editorial review of the Thrift shop, however I’m glad to hear that “Boots” will once again be noticed for his boots rather than tempting the fish during river crossings!

  2. Funny lady in Suburban
    Funny lady in Suburban says:

    It was fun to meet you & see how many we could cram into the car. Hope you enjoyed your detour. Nice blog, beautiful pictures!

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