One Thousand Miles!



At about eight this morning I hit the 1,000-mile mark, appropriately enough at a thigh-deep stream crossing. Only 1,650 to go until Canada!

Otherwise it was a solid day. I put in more than 20 miles to reach Sonora Pass and hitchhiked with some other PCTers to a town called Bridgeport, where I’m sleeping tonight in a bed for the first time in weeks. Even the hiking today was easier and more scenic than in recent days, concluding with an eight-mile stretch above 10,000 feet along a high ridge. Looking forward to hitting the trail again tomorrow with fresh legs.

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  1. Zenobia in Portand
    Zenobia in Portand says:

    It is one thing to achieve something as rigorous and monumental as this trek, but to accomplish it in a year of record-breaking weather will really give you something to tell the neighborhood kids about fifty years from now! I’m sure this weather will be talked about for a long time.

    Thanks for including reports of your well being as well as photos of the incredible scenery.

  2. John Koenig
    John Koenig says:

    Hey Noah…looks like your Antarctic training is coming in handy on this journey! Any flashbacks? Congratulations on completing 1000 miles! An amazing achievement given the snowpack in the mountains this year. Your endurance is incredible. Keep up the good fight. There’s a lot of us out here cheering for your success . BTW, thanks for taking time to include pictures…gives us a better idea of just what you’re up against. May you soon find clear trails ahead………

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