Endless Snow



This morning the water had dropped significantly and we were able to cross the river in Stubblefield Canyon before the sun hit, though it was waist-deep, fast, a little scary, and ice cold. Thus began today’s slogfest.

The farther north I go, the more snow I encounter, and the more demoralizing it gets. Today we were only able to make 14 miles in 11 hours of intense hiking, mostly navigating by GPS through a forest full of 10-foot-high snowdrifts piled like slippery vertical sand dunes. Climbing up and down the drifts is utterly exhausting, even in level terrain; when the route leads straight up a steep ridge, it’s almost suicidal.

So, forget the trail: this is a montane expedition interspersed with a few miles of scattered hiking. Looking at it that way, it’s quite an adventure. Still, I’m looking forward to the day when I can just walk on a regular trail all day; that might be a while, though…

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  1. Dorothy Abelson/Larry Wibbenmeyer
    Dorothy Abelson/Larry Wibbenmeyer says:

    Noah, We have been following you ever since Matt found you on a PCT search, due to his interest in doing it. We are amazed at what you are doing and since the Sierras have been looking for your blogs daily. Stay safe and keep strong with those added calories,—as long as the food lasts. Dorothy and Larry

  2. Denise
    Denise says:

    Glad to read your latest updates. I generally give my husband a summary of your blogs, but today I had him read your latest posts. He just shook his head and said, wow!, there are still a lot of mountains to go north of Yosemite. Sorry to hear about the mosquitoes…You can’t afford to lose any more weight 8-)

    Praying for your continued safety and enough calories; keep your chin up!

  3. Alexandra & Andy
    Alexandra & Andy says:

    Hey Noah, we met you at Rhino’s in Bridgeport. We are completely in awe of you and your friends’ adventures. We wish you safety and life-long memories of your journey. We hope the beer and pizza provide you the calories and protein you need for the next leg of your trip.

    Good luck.

    Alexandra & Andy (Sacramento)

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