Silver Pass



A late start since I had to wait for the morning ferry out of VVR, but I returned to the trail by 10 am with a new crew of hikers, and spent the rest of the day walking with Crasher, Flash, and Noodles Romanov. We climbed 3,000 feet to Silver Pass, which was snow-covered but not particularly noteworthy, then worked slowly north, putting in a solid 16 miles by dinnertime.

I met an interesting fellow named Caveman this afternoon, bearing a striking resemblance to that Geico guy. He had no maps for this section and had just completed a massively frustrating ten-mile circle after getting lost in the snow. While looking over our maps, he told us a bit about his aspirations to become a professional cage fighter, then apparently decided to try to night hike the remaining 15 miles to Mammoth when his friend Eight Mile arrived. Good luck, guys… I’m going to sleep ;)

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  1. Diane Strycker
    Diane Strycker says:

    It seems like all the hikers you meet have pseudo names. Are you telling people to call you Bird Man, or is it okay to call you Noah?

  2. Denise
    Denise says:

    Interesting bunch of names for the hikers you meet up with. Do you have a hiking ‘nickname’ or do you just introduce yourself as ‘Noah’? 8-) Wishing you well as you continue north!

  3. AnonyMoose
    AnonyMoose says:

    I was recently told of your latest adventure and have spent the last 3 days catching up. Fwew, I’m all worn out! :)
    These ‘nicknames’ are a lot of fun. I wonder if they are self inflicted or ‘given’ names? Imagine the sequence of events that may have led to those names? Hummm… What kind of name would reflect the winderness spirt and yet keep the ananimity?

    I’ll think on it,

  4. Hyla Lipson
    Hyla Lipson says:

    Having read your book I am now going to follow your blog – I am fascinated with what you are doing with your life. Your photography is stunning. Keeping us posted along your journey is a gift. Thank you.

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