I hit the 1,500-mile mark about 5:00 this afternoon, near the end of a 27-mile day. Woo-hoo! Only 200 more miles to the Oregon border… should be there in eight days.

Lots of long forest traverses today. It was fun to meet Laura and her husband, section hikers heading south, who have been reading this blog – thanks guys (and, yes, your feather was from a Red-tailed Hawk)! Even better, my mom drove down from Oregon and met Honeybuzz and me at the end of the day; we are staying in a motel in Dunsmuir tonight.

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  1. Hyla Lipson
    Hyla Lipson says:

    Article in our local paper last night about Guthrie Nutter who graduated from Crater HIgh School – he’s walking the same path you are – don’t know where he is – paper didn’t say. He is legally deaf and is known as “hand poet” because he signs. Just thought you might run into him. He’s very happy with the shooting stars out there.
    Bet your Mom was glad to see you. (Mom’s are like that!)

  2. AnonyMoose
    AnonyMoose says:

    Yeah, I’m sure Your Mom is always happy to see you. I had dinner the other night with her Sister and her family (M, B, and E). Burgerville!!!! Hope you find one along your trail when you get here. :)

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