Though I can practically see Oregon on the horizon, the PCT takes a long sweep west in this section, and even heads south for a little while, so I’m resigned to several days without any northward progress. Honeybuzz and I hiked about 26 miles today to set ourselves up to reach Interstate 5 at Castella tomorrow.

I ran across my fifth rattlesnake of the trip – and my first since leaving the southern California desert – coiled and rattling in a rock pile alongside the trail this afternoon; kind of weird to find one in an oak forest. We met a german guy named Buttercup yesterday, wearing an obvious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup T-shirt, who claimed to have flicked a rattler into a creek with his trekking pole to get it away from his tent the night before; another hiker named Doc, who is camped with us tonight in his backpacking hammock, said he also encountered a rattler this week, so they’re definitely around. Bears are supposedly here, too, but I still ain’t seen nary a one on this trip…

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  1. Russ Mease
    Russ Mease says:


    this is good stuff. I’m planning a 2012 PCT thru-hike and reading your posts is getting me anxious. I still have 8 months to go but yet I can’t get it off my mind. I’m sitting in an office right now at work and can’t stop thinking about being free of this job.

    What is your “day job” outside of hiking national scenic trails? And does it pay the bills?

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading!


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