Fall Is Coming…


I looked down on fog-filled valleys all day, smug in my alpine sunshine, until the fog lifted to my elevation in late afternoon, the temperature dropped, the wind sprang up, and I was left scrambling to set up my tent with shivering fingers as darkness set in early. It had been a while since I actually felt cold – and Washington promises lots of mist and moisture ahead. Just hope the weather holds for three more weeks; the climate has been been pretty much perfect for this entire hike – so far.

I walked 29.3 bland, forested miles today between Mount Hood and an abandoned campground at Indian Springs, setting myself up for a short day into Cascade Locks tomorrow. Looking forward to some rest and civilization.

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  1. Jeanbb
    Jeanbb says:

    Yes, the past few days have been cloudy and even misty at times in the PDX area. However, the prediction is that September is suppose to be more warm weather…per the weather gurus…so, maybe you will luck out! Jeanbb

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