Timberline Lodge


This afternoon I walked in to Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood, sat down in the third-story bar, and ordered a sandwich plate, a chili bread bowl, and an amber ale with another hiker named Dewy. What a treat! We stuck around long enough for the janitor to show us a photo album of his snow biking, kite boarding, and white water rafting adventures (serious stuff – the guy had spent $8,000 on bikes alone, welding the frames himself), then waddled just far enough to camp past the ski lifts after a 22.3-mile day. I’m now watching the grooming machine do laps on the upper slopes, still open for skiing.

I was laboring up the last steep mile before the lodge, through soft sand, head down, when a couple of day-hikers ahead of me exclaimed, “Oh look, a Turkey Vulture!” I glanced up in time to catch a subadult Golden Eagle cruising past – way more unusual than a vulture in these parts… Glad they spotted it! I guess day-hikers are useful for some things ;)

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  1. Nina
    Nina says:

    Way to go Noah! Mt Hood is a great accomplishment.


    ps….please don’t discount day hikers. Not only do they support pct thru hikers, they bring along extra power bars, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and even water to share.

  2. Dave Mellinger
    Dave Mellinger says:

    Missed you by 3 days — I happened to be at Timberline Lodge on Aug. 25. Glad you enjoyed the visit too! It’s a cool place.

    The poorwill a couple days ago was a good find.

  3. Zenobia in Portland
    Zenobia in Portland says:

    Seems strange to have you so near after being so out there for so long – so glad that you are able to keep going and that the worst trail is behind you

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