South Sister


Nope, didn’t climb it, just walked past it. But after a couple days of mosquitoey forest, I wasn’t quite prepared for the beauty of South Sister when I popped out next to it in low-angled sunlight late this afternoon, near the end of a 30.5-mile day (my knee has improved – thanks for all the encouragement!).

Perhaps my greatest highlight today, though, was a rare bird – a male Williamson’s Sapsucker at Horseshoe Lake, just inside Lane County (my home!) where the species has been recorded fewer than ten times. The buzz of discovery kept me going for hours…

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  1. pete slocum
    pete slocum says:

    We left Dee Wright PCT trail at 230PM and must have missed you by a mile. We thought you got thru ahead of us. We are heart broken but wish you the best the rest of the trip. We met Pyrite and C…..?? they mentioned they knew you and walked across the Oregon border with you. It was a lovely day but I can’t imagine hiking 20 miles in that lava stuff. Wow

    Take Care

  2. Diane Strycker
    Diane Strycker says:

    Hang in there, but do take care of that knee. FYI your grandma has been faithfully reading your blogs and following your progress. I know you are in her prayers. I have been reading a few other blogs and journals to see where you are compared to other hikers and know you are in the mix, people before you and behind you. You are in good company and if you want, you could find others to hike with to help with the boredom. You have plenty of friends and family who are with you in spirit if not in person. We are all pulling for you. But listen to your body. Slow down if you need to. Keep looking for birds.

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