Lava, Lightning, & A Legend



Lots of interesting scenery today as I walked 24.4 miles past alpine terrain along the Three Sisters, across Highway 242 at McKenzie Pass, and through several miles of lava fields to the base of Mount Washington. Some trail angels at Lava Camp fed me ravioli, chocolate, and soda while I waited out a thunderstorm there in late afternoon – thanks guys!

Approaching dusk, I recognized a southbound hiker from PCT legend – Scott Williamson (AKA Bink), a thirty-something tree-trimmer from Truckee who has, among other things, hiked the trail 14 times, yo-yo’d it twice, and set the all-time speed record two years ago (62 days). He stopped to chat for a few minutes, saying he left Canada on August 8, just 18 days ago (!), and is on pace to finish the entire trail, southbound, in 65 days, averaging 40 miles/day (today he did 43). Makes my four-month, 22 mile/day average seem mighty slow by comparison!

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  1. Jeanbb
    Jeanbb says:

    Sheeze…43 miles! Even the Pony Express pales by that! Well, if you went THAT fast, you would never see any birds! Take time to enjoy the view, I say and leave the records to the other folks! JBB

  2. Tim R
    Tim R says:

    I totally agree with the first comment. The older I have gotten the slower I hike, just to many amazing things I missed my firsty 20+ years of hiking/packing when I was in a hurry to get no where quick (plus my knees are shot now).

  3. karen
    karen says:

    We passed you at the junction of the PCT and the Obsidian Trail this day…..just now home and checking out your blog.
    How cool to meet you and you really did inspire all three of us (the three women you talked to briefly …. ) and thanks for IDing the Clark’s Nutcracker for me!

    We regretted a bit down the trail that we had not offered you what was left of our chocolate…our DEEPEST apologies!
    Many blessings on your continued journey ;-)

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