Two Thousand Miles!



Early this morning, Day 99, I found a small rock cairn and some sticks arranged on the trail, spelling out “2,000” in the dirt – the two thousand mile mark! (Even better, a Three-toed Woodpecker posed quietly nearby: trip bird #168).

My dad met me at Santiam Pass around midday and we spent more than four hours celebrating in a parking lot there with cheesecake, blueberries, pizza, a picnic table, and a pit toilet – who needs anything else? When he headed home, I hiked north with a heavy pack into the evening, logging 26.9 miles to camp on a high saddle north of Three Fingered Jack. Should be at Timberline Lodge, on Mount Hood, in about four days.

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  1. chris jennings
    chris jennings says:

    Noah, I have enjoyed reading your journal very much. I don’t know if you met Bloodbath on the trail, but we met him a couple of days ago on the PCT near Harts Pass in Wa. He should have finished the trail yesterday. Just thought you might like to know.


  2. Nina
    Nina says:

    Thank you Noah, for giving me such enjoyment reading your daily journals. I’m happy you made it past the very painful, tough times and seem to be hitting the trail hard again. You have such strong will and drive. I see you crossing the canadian border sooner than you think.


    p.s. How in the world do you see such amazing birds???

  3. Judy J
    Judy J says:

    you are in my favorite territory now – I don’t expect to get there again at 70+ Enjoy Jefferson Park.

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