Visit To The Orthopedist


Today was just my second “zero” – day off – since leaving the Mexican border three months ago. My main entertainment involved visiting an orthopedic surgeon in Eugene, the same guy who operated on my left leg when I broke it skiing a couple years ago; this time he checked out my right knee.

“Sounds like you’re living from one cool adventure to the next,” he said, when I explained my summer hike. Well, yeah. And the knee? “You’re overusing the s-h-i-t out of it,” he spelled out, “but the x-ray looks good; a couple days of rest should get you back on your feet.” So, clutching a prescription for some serious anti-inflammatory drugs, I headed out the door, got a haircut, saw a movie with my mom, and planned to start hiking again on Thursday. We’ll see how it goes…

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  1. Candace
    Candace says:

    Hmm, doesn’t sound like you are taking the Dr’s advice! I hope you knee holds up for the rest of the trail. You’ve got a long way yet to go. Good luck!

  2. Pam Otley
    Pam Otley says:

    Sorry to hear about your knee, Noah. You have been very fortunate and resilient up until now.
    I’m not your mom, but even one extra day of rest might save you time in the long haul.
    Best of luck with it!!

  3. Zenobia in Portland
    Zenobia in Portland says:

    You’ve got it made now – you’re out of knees to injure. Good luck on the continuation of your trek

  4. Denise
    Denise says:

    As I sit here icing my new knee and having my mind muddled by strong prescription drugs, I am so sorry to hear about your knee pain. From one who knows- listen to what the doctor tells you to do. Enjoy your R & R at home.

  5. Nina
    Nina says:

    How disappointed you must feel Noah. I’m sorry. Keep that shin up, ice that knee, and see yourself back on the trail soon.

  6. Tim Rodenkirk
    Tim Rodenkirk says:

    Hi Noah! I think a bit of local light weight birding at say, Fern Ridge, could probably take your mind of your sore knee for a bit. I suspect you’ll be back on the trail “flying” north before you know it (kind of a reverse migration) – enjoy the R & R and good food!!

  7. Larry Sirvio
    Larry Sirvio says:

    Whoa – keep it up and you’ll need knee replacement by the time you’re 40. Not worth it. I assume you would like to be hiking at 40+.

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