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Seems like everybody always goes on and on about how the Goat Rocks Wilderness is spectacular, gorgeous, and, well, spectacularly gorgeous (ad nauseam); many say it’s the most scenic spot on the whole PCT. I went through that stretch today with perfect weather. Though it certainly was beautiful, I guess the buildup had raised my expectations to such high levels that they were hard to exceed; it was a pretty cool section of trail, but no match for the Sierra…

Honestly, I was just as happy to see the Kracker Barrel, a convenience store at White Pass, after 24.2 miles of steep and rocky terrain. What has this trip done to me? (Don’t answer!) In any case, I’m more than a quarter of the way through Washington after walking 150 miles in five days. Onward and northward.

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  1. Julia S
    Julia S says:

    You’re going to meet Sam Fox running the PCT from CA to MX soon (he was trying to beat the record for fastest time on the trail). He is raising money for Parkinson’s Disease research (his mom has the disease). He started 8/27 from CA and just got through Steven’s Pass. His ankle is hurt and his spirits I’m sure are down, but he’s still gunning away (but with less mileage than he hoped each day). He’s got a support crew, so he doesn’t have but a small waist pack and has blonde hair and a pony tail. Look for him if you can and cheer! You guys are both doing great!

  2. Zenobia in Portland
    Zenobia in Portland says:

    Could you be experiencing sensory over load? I suspect that trying to choose a favorite view from such an onslaught would be a bit like a mother trying to choose a favorite child.

    Congrats on the new job, by the way. This will give you and your armchair followers some nice variety!

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